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Global Info Entertainment Company is a row single online music podium that send the latest African hits music, videos, mixtapes and entertainment news to universal listeners, at the same time we show evidence of great musical artists to a worldwide audience.

The main purpose of Globalinfo.com.ng is to be the front line in providing online music promo flow to individuals and Africans worldwide at large.

Globalinfo.com.ng perfects itself in the online promotional feature of newly releases. We are well-known professionals when it come`s to online promo-advertisement within the internet community, in order to offer, musicians and record labels management our permanent capability, knowledge, and ability we have gotting within the area of music marketing. Our promoting team uses planned ideas when it comes to advertisement-online promo, put together a variety of attentiveness to general public.

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    Ben Uyi Odefe (C.E.O)

    Ben Uyi Odefe, Better known as Obenx is a Nigerian Record Producer, Web Developer, Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. He`s the founder of Global Info Advertisement Company. Obenx also engages in music promotion, advertising, artist branding, promotions, artist management etc.

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